Audio from Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition event

Five prospective/potential/probable presidential candidates spoke this evening in Waukee, Iowa to a crowd of about 2000 who turned out for the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition event.  Each man was given 10 minutes to speak to the crowd. 

Listen to former Godfather’s Pizza president & CEO HermanCain (mp3 runs 9 minutes 20 seconds) and read about his remarks.

Listen to former House Speaker NewtGingrich (mp3 runs 10 minutes 48 seconds) and read about his remarks.

Listen to former Louisiana Governor BuddyRoemer (mp3 runs 17 minutes and 7 seconds)  and read about his remarks.

Listen to former Minnesota Governor TimPawlenty (mp3 runs 13 minutes and 32 seconds ) and read about his remarks.

Listen to former Pennsylvania Senator RickSantorum(mp3 runs 20 minutes and 22 seconds) and read about his remarks.

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. i belive newt gingrich can make a great president if wants to run and lots work lots clean up in us governament needs to be done quickly this country needs a new president like ronald regan or abraham lincoln america still a great country so far latest presidents were not worthy trusty lots coruption lots bs lots selfish people gets a job in white house who only thinks abuot themself only and not giving a crap but the rest of american people where is the patriotism of this country ?what jfk said dont ask what your country ask first what you can do for your country. we have to keep on dreaming here until maybe 1 day 1 good man will apear and win the election to be a good president to turn this country around like other great presidents in past. got get rid of all bad screw balls out of us governamen and coruption first start to abolish the unions cross the country whos been nuimber 1 enemy of this country whos payn off congress men and senators so they can close american companies down and put anerican people out of work 2 imigration needs to legalize all so called ilegal imigrants whos been in this country over 4 years so they can pay taxes like the rest of american people 3 all the bad apples in usgovernamnt needs to be fired laid off until then we not gonna see a change in this country 4 cut spending hire the best economist from the around the world to help overhaul american sysatem to help this country go foward

  2. lots politician or economist plays dunb in this country when comes to gas prices go up overinte every time bad news from oyher country oil producers gas prices in us goes up why ? its simple is coming back here home its all the unions who wants to chartge more on gas its not a shortage of gas here home utah got lots oli lets drill and get rid of all unions in this country the gas prices should be much lower will help this country and the people to get out of recession much faster today i sugest the politician dont take pay off from unions or oil companies to keep them from making a change to make this country go foward

  3. when the wind of change comes will we be ready, the time has come for change in america there are no leaders that listen, there are no leaders that follow through with what they say, we are going to fall down and we wont get up if we dont have a strong leader newt gingrich is the man for the job listen obama is not the answer hes the problem i really feel we need a hands on president that dilvers the truth and stops the corup people who use there job as a cover up well you no im right and it is time to change in the greasest story ever told on planet earth ——–america

  4. Thank you for this informative web page. I got the link from Newt who I like as an intellectual but do not think has a chance, he is damaged goods and the media has too much to use against him. Herman is interesting and I love his theme when he replaces Rush Limbaugh. I did not listen to the ex-govenor of Louisiana (after reading the Review). We don’t need another half-baked democrat convert. I have been a political animal for awhile, a Texan who lived in Texas for the last decade and don’t even know his name… He has no chance. Pawlenty was good and appears to have a good way with speechifying and all but, he needs more something. The suprise for me was Santorum. I knew him from Fox News and always thought he was ok but wondered what happened to him in DC. Much like John Kasich and J.C. Watts I always wondered what happened to all the good guys? Santorum’s speech was really good. I rarely if ever have an emotional response to a polititian’s speech but the closing brought a tear to my eyes. I don’t know if the average American or Iowans (not the conservatives they used to be… John McCain??? Bob Dole???) can get Santorum’s message. It is a deep, truly “man of faith” message that I think will go over most of their heads. I congratulate him though on his accomplishments and hope his faith that the American public and “get it” will come true. It would be great to have a real man of conviction in the White House.

  5. Sorry, to follow up on my previous post… Mr Cain, I did not use your last name. It is almost like we are on a first name basis. I like him but do not like it whem people who have never been elected to a political office run for president of the USA. J Jackson, S. Forbes, D. Trump, R Perot. there are just too many unknowns and you don’t know how the electorate will respond to them. I know what happened to Kaisich and have seen Mr. Watts on Fox news but why did they not rise up to the top like cream. Why did they leave DC. Was it too corrupt for them? Were they threatened or just sickened by the mess? Where are all the good guys? Don’t get me started with the current crop, please…


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