Baudler “Rx for pot” complaint dismissed (audio)

Rep. Clel Baudler, a retired state trooper from Greenfield, got a prescription for medical marijuana when he was in Calfornia.  Baulder calls it a “fact finding mission” to illustrate how “asinine” the system of dispensing marijuana for medicinal use is. 

Mike Pesce of Des Moines, a proponent of medical marijuana, filed an ethics complaint against Baudler because it’s against the law in California to lie to a doctor about a medical condition (Baudler told the dispensing doctor he was suffering from hemmorrhoids and depression). 

The House Ethic Committee — made up of an equal number of Democrats and Baudler’s fellow Republicans — opened its review of the complaint at 12:31 p.m. this afternoon and quickly, unanimously dismissed the complaint.  (Read more, listen to the entire meeting here.) The committee said Baudler didn’t break any of the rules orlaws they, as the House Ethics Committee, oversee.

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