Angle on the “red carpet” in Iowa

Is this is a sign of presidential ambitions?  Sharron Angle, the 2010 GOP nominee for Nevada’s U.S. Senate seat (she lost to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid), is going to be in Iowa soon.  Read all about it below:

Sharron Angle Goes to Iowa

Former US Senate Nominee to Join Iowa Conservative Leaders

Des Moines, IA — The Genesis Code is proud to announce that former U.S. Senate nominee Assemblywoman Sharron Angle will be attending the film’s red carpet VIP premiere in Johnston, Iowa on January 26th.

The film hits on three hot-button issues that will be factors in the 2012 Presidential contest: the battle between science and faith, the religious discrimination of Christians on college campuses, and the right to life.
“We are very thankful that Sharron Angle and other Iowa conservative leaders see the importance of our movie and the issues we explore,” said Jerry Zandstra, Vice President of American Epic Entertainment and former Brownback for President National Chairman. “Science vs faith, religious discrimination, and the right to life are going to play a part in the 2012 Presidential contest and it will be interesting to see which candidates are willing to take the lead on issues of importance to people of faith.”

Several big-name Iowa politicos are making an appearance. Two Republican National Committee Members from Iowa will attend the premier: Kim Lehman, President of Iowa Right to Life and Board Member of the John Paul II Stem Cell Research Institute, and Steve Scheffler of the Iowa Christian Alliance. Chairman of the Iowa Republican Party, Matt Strawn, will also be attending. Jerry Zandsta, who plays the Minister in the film, will also be attending.

The Genesis Code follows a young college student, Kerry Wells, whose desire to be a paleontologist is jeopardized by faculty prejudice against her because of her Christian faith. She sets out to show how Genesis and her science textbook reinforce each other’s claims, and her remarkable journey will change the lives of everyone around her.

Actors in the film include former Presidential candidate Fred Thompson and Academy Award winners Earnest Borgnine and Louis Fletcher.

The screening will take place on Wednesday, January 26 from 7:30pm – 10:30pm at the Carmike Wynnsong 16 located at 5233 Stoney Creek Court., Johnston, Iowa.

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