Resign? “Absolutely not” says Cady

Iowa Supreme Court Justice Mark Cady met with the editorial board of The Cedar Rapids Gazette today.  Cady was asked about the call for him and the other three justices who remain on the court.  Todd Dorman, columnist for The Gazette, provides the text of answers to his questions during the hour-long meeting; here’s a key section:

 Q — Some saw the November election as a vote of no confidence in the court and said the rest of you should resign. Was there any consideration of that?

“Absolutely not. We have too much at stake. This is not about any individual judges. It’s not a time for people on the bench who are trying to uphold the system that we have to think about resigning. This is a time to step forward and help inform everyone of really what we’re really all about, the way we operate and the good work that we do.

“That would send the exact wrong message. And I think it would disappoint the people who understand and have been through our system and have seen how it does work.”

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