“I defended this flag”

Senate President Jack Kibbie — a Korean War veteran — announced this morning that the state senate will say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning as it opens for business.  Here’s some background here.

Kibbie was a tank commander in Korea.  “I defended this flag, several times,” Kibbie said moments ago,  “and on a lot of days colder than this one.”

It is 14 degrees in Des Moines right now, but the wind is blowing at a 14-mile-an-hour clip, so it feels much colder.  It is 16 degrees in Seoul, Korea right now, with a three mile an hour wind blowing in from the (communist) north.  Thousands of American soldiers suffered from extreme frostbite during the Korean War.

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. Daniel Gleason says

    I served my country and defended it in three seperate campaigns starting with Operation Just Cause to the last Gulf war. I spent years in hot and cold enviorionments like so many other members of the armed forces of our country. I was wounded and decorated several times. Does this make me less of a patriot if I dont say the pledge of allegiance each and every day? Once again the conservatives try to claim patriotism as theirs. I dont say the pledge of allegiance anymore because it requires me to say One nation under God. Look up the history of the pledge, you will find out that the writer, who was very religious did not want nor approve of having any mention of God in the pledge. It was not placed in until the cold war. Remember McCarthy?? If you dont believe in god your a communist and want to bring down America. Well I love my country, shed blood for it was proud to wear my uniform where ever I was deployed no matter who was my Commander in Chief. Lets get down to the real purpose of government not politics as usual.