Deja vu all over again?

Governor Branstad made a verbal slip yesterday as he was signing a proclamation for Martin Luther King, Junior Day.  Branstad caught himself just before he declared this as the year 1911.

Today in Webster City, Pat Powers of KQWC reports U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley got a few chuckles from the crowd with this:

“I think that we have a wonderful opportunity right now with the president of China maybe right this minute meeting with President Reagan,” Grassley said, who corrected himself.  “I mean President Obama.” 

Grassley, who is so this century with Twitter, posted this tweet moments ago about his Webster City meeting:

Webster City Kiwanis. 46 peeps. Q&A Immoigration NoKorea church Iinvstigation SosSec FarmBill HealthCare China Energy

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