Weekend notes on 2012 campaign

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty was on FOX News Sunday and he indicated he’ll need to do quite well in the Iowa Caucuses if he hopes to win the GOP’s 2012 presidential nomination.  This is how the hometown Star Tribune reported it.

The Republican National Committee has a new chairman, from Wisconsin, who supports the first-in-the-nation status of Iowa’s Caucuses.  Tom Beaumont of The Des Moines Register has details, including who Iowa’s three representatives on the RNC supported in the contest for party chair.

Jonathan Martin of Politico reports there’s a Draft Pence movement.

Herman Cain, the former CEO of  Godfather’s Pizza who is pondering a bid for the GOP’s 2012 presidential nomination, campaigned in eastern Iowa this weekend.  As IowaPolitics.com reports:

“We have a lot of conservatives out there who haven’t gotten off the sofa and voted yet, and those are the people who I am going to go after,” Cain said.

Cain, 65, said his decision to potentially run for president is motivated both by the direction of the country and factors in his own life, including recently beating stage-four liver and colon cancer. He said his main priority is to leave the world better for his grandchildren.

“This ain’t about us. What I’m doing here isn’t about me. It’s about helping our grandkids have a better life,” Cain said. “There are simple enough ideas for all of the issues that we face that we can put this country back on the right track.”

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