Culver “at peace” with voters’ decision

Governor Chet Culver is the guest on this weekend’s edition of “Iowa Press.”  The show was taped early this morning.  

Culver talked about a couple of the issues which remain percolating for the remainder of his term: project labor agreements for the women’s prison in Mitchellville & the Iowa Veterans Home in Marshalltown and the prospect of him choosing the three new members of the Iowa Supreme Court (“that will not be possible for me to make those appointments”).  After the program Culver held a press conference, during which he talked briefly about the $84 million budget-cutting plan he has to devise.

Rod Boshart of The Cedar Rapids Gazette filed this story from the show.  Kathie Obradovich of The Des Moines Register blogged about Culver’s “family first” commentary.

Culver also talked about his future (he’d like to be the CEO of a company in the renewable fuels industry).  When asked to describe his legacy, Culver talked about how his family leaves Terrace Hill “content.”   The governor said he was “at peace” with the voters’ decision, and took some time during the program to thank his staff and supporters.  Culver did not rule out running for public office in the future, but said he was ready to pursue another “dream” right now.

”I’ve been privileged to serve the people of Iowa, now, for 12 years in statewide elective office,” Culver said.  “I’ve been in politics for closer to 20 years, starting right out of college in 1988 working for the Iowa Democratic Party, so I’m really excited about pursuing some of my other dreams.”

Culver’s demeanor throughout the program was upbeat.  And there was no “you won’t have me to kick around anymore” moment.  He ended the show by saying it had been an “honor and privilege” to be governor, and Culver promised to keep watching “Iowa Press” — which he described as “one of my favorite shows.”

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