Collins “officially” a candidate for RNC chair

Gentry Collins, a former Iowa campaign operative who has moved onto the big stage in D.C., has made it official.  He’s running to be the next chairman of the Republican National Committee.   Collins has a long political resume, including a stint as executive director of the Republican Party of Iowa and work on the Romney ’08 & the McCain/Palin ’08 campaigns.  He had worked for the RNC in 2010 and offered a stinging letter of resignation

Read the news release Collins issued Monday below.

Gentry Collins Announces Bid for RNC Chairman

— Vows to bring new energy and ideas to the RNC to revitalize fundraising and position the committee as a force in the 2012 contest for the White House —

Washington, D.C. – Former RNC National Political Director Gentry Collins today officially announced
his campaign for Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

In a letter being sent to RNC members, Collins told members his campaign “is based on a plan for the future, not a critique of the past.”

In his announcement, Collins persuades members that “many of the most successful RNC chairmen have come from the ranks of operatives. That is – they have spent careers learning to win races in tough cycles in swing states.”

He cited roles leading the Republican Party of Iowa in 2004 in which Iowa went Republican for the first time since Reagan, and as the key campaign strategist who carried the only target state for McCain in 2008.

Joining the Collins for Chairman team is Iowa Republican Chairman Matt Strawn. Strawn recently announced that heʼs seeking a second term as Chairman. “I’m excited about Gentry’s announcement and will work hard to see that he’s elected. Gentry Collins will provide leadership that the RNC needs to defeat the Obama political machine,” said Strawn. “The RNC must be at the forefront of the effort to defeat President Obama in 2012. Gentryʼs leadership will provide the focus, financing and expertise to both return the RNC to prominence and give the states the necessary tools to elect a Republican president.”

Connecticut Chairman Chris Healy, who announced his support for Collins last week, said “Gentry Collins has the skills, temperament and clarity to lead our Party over the next 16 months – a critical period – to help complete the task of defeating the Obama agenda with Republican leadership.”

Collins is traveling the country, meeting with members, and sharing his plan for the RNC. In addition to revamping the finance program and cutting wasteful spending, Collins has suggested a program to bring referenda in as many as 23 states to repeal Obamacare through a vote of the people. Key
2012 battleground states would be included in the program to repeal Obamacare.

Collins also plans to host weekly calls, “Tuesday Townhall” meetings to roll out details of his plan for the RNC.

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