Boswell: grab as many slices as you can

Congressman Leonard Boswell, a Democrat from Des Moines, has issued a statement about the tax deal President Obama struck with Republicans.

“There are a lot of parts that are still moving with this legislation. I am on the record supporting the income-based tax cuts for the middle class, and other targeted tax cuts for families such as the marriage penalty relief, child tax credit, and tuition relief. I am hopeful that renewable energy tax credits could be included in this legislation, as well. As I have always said, my legislative philosophy is if you can’t take home the whole loaf of bread, grab as many slices as you can to benefit your constituents, but I will make my decision on this legislation when we have a final version for the House to vote on.”

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. Jesse Hornback says

    I am so disappointed that Leonard Boswell continues to be my elected Representive. I say this because he certainly doesn’t represent my voice and many others’ voice within the 3rd District. Boswell’s comment’s about “grabbing as many slices as you can” is one of the reasons why our nation is in the sorry state that we are in. It’s all about the “gimme….gimme…gimme” attitude. I highly doubt that Leonard Boswell hasn’t already made up his mind. We may not know exactly what that is at this point…so, all we need to do is look to his good buddy Nanci Pelosi. Watch how she votes and he’ll follow suit. I question if he has an original thought in his head. I can’t wait until his time is up….whenever that will be. We all know that he makes his voting decisions because he knows better than we do about our needs. Disgusting.