Branstad says he may hire Mauro & Findley

Governor-elect Terry Branstad is the guest on this weekend’s “Iowa Press” and after the show was taped late this morning, he held a news conference.

Branstad was asked if Brenna Findley and Dave Jamison — two GOP candidates for statewide office who lost on Tuesday — might have a role in his administration.  Branstad said yes, and added Secretary of State Michael Mauro had been “fair” in the way he administered the office for the past four years and Mauro (a Democrat) may be offered a job in a Branstad administration.

Andy Dufflemeyer from asked the question: “You talked a lot about the importance of electing the entire Republican team. Will there be spots in your administration for Brenna Findley and Dave Jamison?”

Branstad responded: “Yes, I think there’s a possibility for them.  I think there’s also a possibility for Mike Mauro.  I think he was a very good secretary of state. I called Mike to offer my condolences and I think he’s a very capable individual that I certainly want to consider as well.  I would also say Rob Roberts is another person I’ve talked to as a possible position. I want to reach out to capable, talented people of all backgrounds that I think could play a key role in state government. I want to use their talent as best to serve the needs of the people of Iowa.”

Duffelmeyer followed up: “What about Bob Vander Plaats?”

Branstad: “We haven’t talked about it.  I don’t know that he has an interest in serving in the administration.  I think he’s got other things that he’s taken on.”

Jeneane Beck followed up, noting that Tom Vilsack has said some of the best advice he got from Branstad during Vilsack’s transition into the governor’s office was not to look only at the party affiliation of a potential employee, but to consider people from both parties.

Branstad: “Well, I mentioned Mike Mauro because I thought he was very fair in the job that he did as secretary of state. He treated our campaign fairly. I think he treated everybody fairly and I know a lot of people across the state of Iowa have a lot of respect for him and for the job that he did and so I feel that he’s one, certainly, but there are many others.  Brenna Findley, I have a lot of respect for her and her ability and research and she has both the experience of being a lawyer but also having worked as chief of staff for a congressman and dealing with some of the constituency issues that you need to do in state government as well.”

Mauro has had a rough week.  He lost, then his home was burglarized.

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