24 hours after the polls close

Here’s a review of some of the stuff that’s happened in the 24 hours since the polls closed in Iowa on the 2010 election:

Ben Lange, the Republican candidate in Iowa’s first congressional district, conceded this morning and posted a statement on his campaign website

“This morning I reached out to Congressman Braley to congratulate him on his victory. I wish him the best as he goes back to Washington to represent us in Congress.  It’s a difficult job, and these are difficult times.  It’s my hope that our campaign has brought to light new solutions to confront our greatest challenges.

Our grassroots campaign came a long way since January and I’m proud of the campaign we waged. We drew our line in the sand and we stood our ground against long odds without ever compromising our principles. We worked tirelessly to restore the American Dream, and I’m so proud of what we accomplished in such a short period of time.

Governor-elect Terry Branstad held a news conference at about midnight, right after he’d deliverd his victory speech to supporters in West Des Moines.  Branstad told reporters Governor Chet Culver should not appoint three new justices to the Iowa Supreme Court to replace the ones who were kicked off the bench in Tuesday’s voting.

Governor Culver called into the Radio Iowa newsroom this afternoon, discussing the campaign and his future.  Culver also responded to Branstad:

…Culver’s not ruling out choosing three new justices for the court.

“We’ll see,” Culver says. “And if Terry Branstad and I don’t agree, it won’t be the first time.”

Voter turnout in Iowa for Tuesday’s election was 52 percent.  Secretary of State Michael Mauro talked with Radio Iowa today about the numbers, and about his own race.

…The Democrat from Des Moines narrowly lost to Republican Matt Schultz, a lawyer who currently serves on the Council Bluffs City Council. “I’m feeling disappointed, but life goes on,” Mauro told Radio Iowa. “I know I gave it my best shot.” 

Gay marriage & gambling:  while voters decided to eject three of the justices who signed onto the 2009 Iowa Supreme Court opinion which paved the way for same-sex marriage in Iowa, voters approved gambling referendums in 17 counties by large margins.

The Branstad transition:  Branstad’s campaign is transforming into a transition team.  See details in the news release issued this morning:

Branstad announces key transition team and administration appointments
Roederer, Boeyink, and Albrecht to assume key roles

(URBANDALE) – Today, Iowa Governor-elect Terry Branstad made the following appointments to guide his transition effort and lead his new administration:

David Roederer was named as Chairman of the transition team and will lead the transition effort leading up to the January 14, 2011 inaugural.

Jeffrey Boeyink was named Co-Chairman of the transition team and designated by Governor Branstad as his new administration’s Chief of Staff.

Tim Albrecht was named Communications Director for the new Branstad administration and will also handle all communications duties on behalf of the transition team.

“Iowans expect us to hit the ground running and the appointment of these three capable individuals to lead our transition efforts shows we are serious about beginning this process immediately and preparing our team to be ready to act on day one,” said Branstad. “David, Jeff, and Tim are proven successful leaders and they will assist me in building a dynamic new team to lead our state and accomplish our ambitious goals.”

David Roederer is Executive Director of the Iowa Chamber Alliance and former Chief of Staff for Governor Branstad.

Jeffrey Boeyink currently serves as campaign manager for the Governor Branstad 2010 committee.

Tim Albrecht currently serves as the Communications Director for the Governor Branstad 2010 committee.

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