A little bit about crybabies & complaining

Last week I ran into a couple I’ve known for several years.  The female half of this couple often interjects, “Oh, Bill, stop!” whenever we have a conversation.  Bill tends to unload his opinions about politics and politicians whenever he sees me. 

“They’re all a bunch of crybabies!” Bill said last week of Iowa’s politicians. “You see all these ads and all they’re doing is complaining about the other guy. Don’t you get sick of ’em?”

Bill shared a few more opinions about the content of the ad wars. When the critique died down, I pointed out that negative ads tend to work and that’s why candidates use them.

Bill suggested “a lot of money is being wasted” on campaign ads.  “We’ve got a lot of problems here,” Bill continued, adding all that campaign money could be spent on a better purpose. 

Bill’s next topic was the need for cooperation.  He wonders how the problems facing our state and nation will be solved by “that bunch of crybabies” (see paragraph #2 for Bill’s first reference to the “crybabies”).  There were a few expletives thrown in for seasoning.

I asked Bill if he’d voted early or intends to vote on Election Day.  This question quieted Bill.

“He doesn’t vote,” Bill’s better half said into the silence, and all three of us laughed.  Bill’s laugh was sheepish, then we all recited the old adage:  “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.”

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.