King’s opponent touts GOP backers

Matt Campbell of Manning, the Democratic candidate in Iowa’s fifth congressional district, faces Republican Congressman Steve King of Kiron this November.  The Campbell campaign sent out a news release today, saying former state Senator Dave Mulder, a Republican from Orange City, is backing Campbell.  Mulder was a professor at Northwestern College in Orange City for 24 years before he retired.  He was part of 2008 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s “Iowa Legislative Leadership Team” in 2008.

For the record: Mulder and King did not serve in the state senate at the same time.  Mulder was elected in 2004 and chose not to seek a second term in 2008.

Republican Support Shifting to Campbell

Fresh from an endorsement Saturday from the Des Moines Register and recently securing interest from an Iraqi leader to expand trade, Congressional candidate Matt Campbell has Republican support shifting his way.

Campbell today announced two additional endorsements to add to Campbell’s growing list of Republican supporters.  Current Spencer mayor Reynold Peterson and former Iowa state senator Dave Mulder of Orange City have endorsed Campbell to be the next 5th District representative.

Peterson and Mulder join other Republicans such as former Lt. Governor Art Neu, Council Bluffs Mayor Pro Tem Matt Walsh, Spencer businessman Toby Shine and Red Oak community activist Lisa Vetter in endorsing Campbell.

Campbell says, “The Republicans that are endorsing me are uniform in their sentiment.  They are tired of the polarizing tone from Steve King and his absolute lack of productivity for the district.  Regardless of party affiliation Iowans recognize there is work to be done that King isn’t doing.”

Campbell says he is surging and that he hasn’t peaked yet as his name recognition is still increasing.  Campbell smiles as he says, “I recognize the challenge being the underdog in this race.  Conventional wisdom wouldn’t have had the Iowa State Cyclones beating the Texas Longhorns on Saturday either, and I’ll be fighting hard through November 2nd to get the job done.”

Campbell says, “I can tell from voters that it’s red-hot on the ground and much closer than some may think.  Iowa can’t afford two more years of inaction and polarizing rhethoric under Steve King.”

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  1. Dave Mulder is clearly a useful idiot for the Campbell campaign. Dave was a joke in the state legislature and is now a joke in Sioux county. So sad.


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