Gingrich active in Iowa

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a potential 2012 candidate for president, has made several trips to Iowa this year.  He’s endorsed several Iowa Republicans on this fall’s ballot.  To illustrate the scope, Gingrich has endorsed Dave Funk, a candidate for county supervisor in Polk County who ran unsuccessfully in a congressional primary this past June as well as statewide candidates like Brenna Findley, the Republican running for attorney general.

Last week, Gingrich sent out a “strategy memo” about the fall election with two points.  Point number two was about Iowa:

2. There is a JUDGESHIP REFERENDUM IN IOWA that is potentially historic in reining in the judiciary as Iowans vote to retain or oust three activist judges.

Check out this Iowa Poll in the Des Moines Register that shows forty-four percent of Iowans who plan to cast a ballot in the retention election say they will vote “yes” to all three justices. Forty percent will vote to remove all three.

Gingrich will be back in Iowa next week, visiting Sioux City.  Details on that are below.

American Solutions Jobs Here, Jobs Now Tour Is Stopping In Sioux City on October 22nd 

Sioux City, IA – Newt Gingrich and radio host Mike Gallagher will be rallying voters in Sioux City on October 22nd to support Iowa candidates whose policies will help create new jobs.  The stop in Sioux City is part of American Solutions nationwide Jobs Here, Jobs Now tour.   

“Voters have a clear choice this election,” said Gingrich, who is the General Chairman of American Solutions.  “On one hand you have tax raising, job killing agenda of the Democrats – the party of food stamps.  On the other you have the low tax, job creating agenda of the Republicans – the party of paychecks.  We’re going to rally support for those candidates that will help create jobs.”

The Jobs Here, Jobs Now Tour is stopping in Waukesha, WI; Duluth, GA; and Jacksonville, FL and Greenville, SC generating support for pro-job creation candidates.  Additional cities are expected to be added to the tour.  Earlier this month, American Solutions launched the Power of 10 Campaign to help recruit the ten million new voters needed to swing the election away from the incumbent Democrats and send job creating candidates to Washington to replace the current Congress.

The event is open to the public, but people must reserve their ticket online at 

WHO:                   Speaker Newt Gingrich and radio host Mike Gallagher will rally for job creating candidates on the ballot in Iowa.  

WHERE:               Sioux City Convention Center located at 801 Fourth Street.

WHEN:                October 22nd at 9:00 a.m.     

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. When are people going to understand that Government cannot create JOBS?
    Oh they can. But all you are doing is taking tax payer dollars, and recirculating them. They go no where but round & round. Or out of the country.
    It’s a false economy, that does nothing but create more debt.
    When are people in Iowa and this country going to research things Like GATT & NAFTA and communitarianism and hiow it is being used to destroy this countries wealth making abilities?
    Globalism or becoming third Worlders is not the answer to americas needs or problems. You want America to become like Mexico? Corrupt Police, Politicians, Judges, administrative law that only works for GOVERNMENT Majority?
    I donot trust any of them any more. They all seem to compromise our liberties/Wage making capabilities, in some form or fashion.
    People in America have lost sight of their foundations in this country. We are NOT a DEMOCRACY.
    We are a republic. If you donot believe this then you better go read up on what Our founding Fathers said about DEMOCRACY!
    The take a REAL GOOD look at what we have.
    And guess what democracy ends up becoming? Historically?
    A dictatroship.
    Communities in Iowa better start reallying on their own resources to create Public needs & Programs, and start takling care of their neighbors.
    You people have nobody else. So start taking care of each other and quit depending on government to solve all your problems for You.
    Grow UP! Stop being so selfish.
    Start electing people who hold the uS constitution dear to their hearts and stand on the Law of this land, instead of people who keep administrating Internationalism into our Lives, and stealing our bread to redistribute it to other countries that just will no take on the responsibility of making a Good government for themselves and their own country.
    WHY is it always OUR Problem to fix this World? We can’t even take careof our own problems any more because NO one has any money. There’s no REAL JOBS out there. Unless you think service jobs will support this countries infrastructure needs. Which it WILL NOT! YOU have to PRODUCE to have an economy.
    I just wonder how much out economy would pick-up if Local people got back to the Older ways and started expanding Farming to their Local instead of exporting it acrossed the country and out of it?

    It would reduce costs! Instead of a truck carrying food half way acrossed the country to a store or warehouse somewhere?
    Food could become produced locally. Somethings will still need to be transported because not all parts of the US produce dairy products ,etc.

    And if Our stste really needs so much MOney to make programs work? Why doesn’t everybody get this Iowa legislature to pass a Biil making it lawful for federal Income taxes collected from everyones wages?
    Have Our State government create a Bill that would allow it to KEEP a percentage of collected Iowa Federal Taxes, to make up for the losses created by The federal governments ineptitude in it’s Policy making & spending !
    That way Iowa will no longer depend on Federal Grant money’s to make our needs fullfilible for Iowans?
    But it will keep Iowans Money in the STATE!

  2. here’s what I mean:

    Bank Bailouts Went Overseas – Why Bank Bailouts Went Overseas

    The Federal Government promotes policies that Ship our Jobs out of the country. Hey? I donot want to work in India or China. Sorry! I donot CARE about those counties ability to make a Living.
    I care about this countries ability to self-sustain itself right NOW !
    If we continue to ignore this problem of Globalism and our federal government creating policy that exports our lives right our of the country foe Internalionalise Globalism?
    YOU aren’t going to HAVE a COUNTRY, AMERICA !
    Bank On IT !

    You think I’m full of It? All our engineering Jobs went to India. That’s where all Our American minds are going is over-seas. Is that where America is? In some other country?
    Wake-UP already!

  3. For those fans of Newt Gingrich on Tuesday November 16th at 2pm he will be at Borders Books in West Des Moines. Newt will be discussing and signing his new historical novel Valley Forge! Call Borders at 515-223-1620
    if you have questions