Cash on hand for fall election

The Iowa Democrastic Party sent out a statement this week about its fundraising compared to that of the Republican Party of Iowa.  Read the IDP-provided information below.  The RPI has not commented.  A note:  this data (of course) would NOT include the haul from last weekend’s Palin dinner, which was in “the low six figures” according to RPI Chairman Matt Strawn, meaning they cleared more than $100,000.

DES MOINES – August fundraising reports filed this week with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) show clear momentum behind the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) going into the key weeks before the 2010 election. While the IDP has raised more than the Republican Party of Iowa each month this year, the latest filing shows that Democrats, with 13-times the amount of cash on hand, have the resources to run robust early vote and get out the vote programs.

“The momentum behind Iowa Democrats is undeniable. In the remaining weeks of this election we have the resources and support to run effective voter turnout programs across the state and make the Democratic message extremely clear,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chairwoman Sue Dvorsky. “Voters are responding to our message of progress and a brighter future for Iowa, while rejecting the Republican promise to take us back to the 80s and undo our success.”

“The success of our operations is already evident, through our strong field program we have nearly four times as many absentee ballot requests at this point and expect that number to increase going forward.”
Totals from FEC Form 3X Submitted to the Federal Election Commission September 20th, 2010:
Iowa Democratic Party
Total Receipts:    $327,113.68
Cash on Hand:    $453,780.83

Republican Party of Iowa
Total Receipts:    $113,504.94
Cash on Hand:    $34,819.94

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