Millions and billions and trillions

Roxanne Conlin, the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate, held a news conference this morning and she got her millions, billions and trillions tangled. 

“I would use 30 million,” Conlin said about eight minutes into the news conference as she was outlining her “job creation” agenda.  “I’m sorry.  I get the millions and the billions —  I’m not in Washington yet.  I get my millions and my billions mixed up.  I would use $30 billion in unspent TARP funds…”

A few minutes later, Conlin got tripped up again.  “Perhaps the greatest threat to our nation is our reliance on foreign oil.  Every single day we send $100 billion for oil overseas.  Oh, no, no,” Conlin said.  “Again, the billions and the millions.  I will get this.  After I get to Washington, billions and trillions will trip off my tongue, I’m sure, as they do for Senator Grassley.  Let me tell you that it is every day we send $1 billion overseas for the purchase of oil, mostly to countries that hate us.”

Here’s the Radio Iowa story about Conlin’s news conference, with an mp3 of the 23 minute news conference at the bottom of that page.

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