Braley responds to AFF ad

Congressman Bruce Braley (D-Waterloo) is running an ad to respond to an ad being run by the American Future Fund.  Braley’s ad has visuals of Willie Horton and Braley’s Republican opponent, Ben Lange.  The ad is running in two TV markets:  Cedar Rapids and the Quad Cities.

Here’s the script:

ANNCR: They’re back.

The folks behind the sleaziest ad in history – NOW backing Ben Lange…lying about Bruce Braley.

Truth is, Braley says New Yorkers should decide about building near Ground Zero…

…just as IOWANS should decide things HERE.

Big corporations are hitting Braley because he’d END tax breaks for those shipping jobs overseas.

Gutter politics fueled by corporate cash may work for Ben Lange.

But Bruce knows who HE works for.

I’m Bruce Braley and I approve this message.

P.S.  Willie Horton was featured in a now-infamous 1998 campaign ad for George H.W. Bush, attacking Democrat Michael Dukakis.

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