Boswell sends message to Christie Vilsack

I’ve been swamped and unable to blog for a few days.  I’ll point you to two Radio Iowa stories which may be of interest.

First, former Iowa First Lady Christie Vilsack visited the Iowa State Fair last week with her husband and had some things to say about perhaps running for congress in 2012.

Congressman Leonard Boswell had some things to say about the potential of a Boswell versus Vilsack primary in 2012.  Here’s the key passage:

“Christie is a smart person. I’m planning on doing this for a while, so I hope that she has got other things she likes to do for a while because I’m going to continue to do this,” Boswell said last week at the Iowa State Fair.

A reporter followed up with this question: “Does that mean you’re announcing for 2012?”

Boswell replied: “Well, it’s not far from it.”

As you may recall, the party establishment rallied around Boswell in 2008 when Ed Fallon of Des Moines challenged Boswell in a Democratic Primary.  What would happen if Vilsack runs against Boswell in a Primary in 2012?  And what would happen if Boswell’s defeated in 2010?  Would he try to recapture a seat in congress in 2012?

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