Iowa Farm Bureau endorses five Republicans

The Iowa Farm Bureau’s political action committee has made its endorsements for the fall election.  Read the release below.

WEST DES MOINES, IOWA – Aug. 17, 2010 – The Iowa Farm Bureau Political Action Committee (PAC) has named its selections for the 2010 Friends of Agriculture endorsement. Candidates seeking state and national offices this fall have earned endorsement by the state’s largest grassroots farm organization based on their support of agriculture, voting record and support for Iowa’s rural communities.
“Friends of Agriculture designations are carefully chosen for demonstrating support for our farmers and issues that directly impact their families, businesses and communities. It comes down to more than words; it’s their actions that are also examined,” said Mary Heintz, PAC Chair and a farmer from Marengo. “This year, 95 out of 100 Farm Bureau counties participated in the designation process. That record participation shows our farmers are motivated to support candidates that support farmers and rural Iowa during this very crucial election period. The candidates chosen must have a clear understanding and voting record of support for Farm Bureau policy,” said Heintz.
In the Iowa Governor’s race, the Iowa Farm Bureau PAC has chosen Terry Branstad and for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Bill Northey. Chuck Grassley was identified as a Friend of Agriculture in the U.S. Senate race.
Tom Latham (District 4) and Steve King (District 5) were also recognized as Friends of Agriculture in the congressional races. The Farm Bureau PAC also gave the designation to candidates in 11 Iowa Senate and 51 Iowa House districts.
The grassroots effort to designate Friends of Agriculture is guided by members and begins in July when county committees start evaluating candidates. The nine-member PAC committee carefully reviews evaluations and questionnaires, while also considering candidates’ positions on issues of importance to members, leadership on Farm Bureau priorities and past voting records.

Here is the list of all the candidates who are “friends” of the Farm Bureau’s PAC.


Terry Branstad

Bill Northey

Chuck Grassley

U.S. House 4 – Tom Latham
U.S. House 5 – Steve King

Iowa Senate 3 – David Johnson
Iowa Senate 5 – Rich Olive
Iowa Senate 9 – Bill Dix
Iowa Senate 13 – Andrew Naeve
Iowa Senate 21 – Dennis Black
Iowa Senate 27 – Bill Anderson
Iowa Senate 29 – Nancy Boettger
Iowa Senate 35 – Larry Noble
Iowa Senate 37 – Kent Sorenson
Iowa Senate 45 – Sandra Greiner
Iowa Senate 49 – Hubert Houser

Iowa House 1 – Jeremy Taylor
Iowa House 3 – Chuck Soderberg
Iowa House 4 – Dwayne Alons
Iowa House 5 – Royd Chambers
Iowa House 6 – Jeff Smith
Iowa House 10 – Dave Deyoe
Iowa House 11 – Henry Rayhons
Iowa House 12 – Linda Upmeyer
Iowa House 14 – Josh Byrnes
Iowa House 16 – Bob Hager
Iowa House 17 – Pat Grassley
Iowa House 18 – Roger Arthur
Iowa House 23 – Dan Rasmussen
Iowa House 31 – Lee Hein
Iowa House 32 – Steven Lukan
Iowa House 35 – Kraig Paulsen
Iowa House 36 – Nick Wagner
Iowa House 37 – Renee Schulte
Iowa House 39 – Dawn Pettengill
Iowa House 40 – Lance Horbach
Iowa House 42 – Geri Huser
Iowa House 44 – Annette Sweeney
Iowa House 47 – Ralph Watts
Iowa House 50 – David Tjepkes
Iowa House 52 – Gary Worthan
Iowa House 53 – Dan Huseman
Iowa House 54 – Ron Jorgensen
Iowa House 55 – Jason Schultz
Iowa House 56 – Matt Windschitl
Iowa House 57 – Jack Drake
Iowa House 58 – Clel Baudler
Iowa House 59 – Chris Hagenow
Iowa House 60 – Peter Cownie
Iowa House 63 – Scott Raecker
Iowa House 69 – Erik Helland
Iowa House 70 – Kevin Koester
Iowa House 71 – Jim Van Engelenhoven
Iowa House 72 – Richard Arnold
Iowa House 73 – Julian Garrett
Iowa House 76 – Betty De Boef
Iowa House 79 – Jeff Kaufmann
Iowa House 82 – Linda Miller
Iowa House 83 – Steve Olson
Iowa House 84 – Ross Paustian
Iowa House 87 – Tom Sands
Iowa House 89 – Jarad Klein
Iowa House 90 – Stephen Burgmeier
Iowa House 91 – Dave Heaton
Iowa House 96 – Cecil Dolecheck
Iowa House 97 – Richard Anderson
Iowa House 98 – Greg Forristall

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