Rasmussen poll: Grassley 55, Conlin 35

Rasmussen is out with a poll on the U.S. Senate race in Iowa.  It shows incumbent Republican Chuck Grassley leading Democratic challenger Roxanne Conlin, 55 percent to 35 percent with a margin of error of plus or minute 4.5 percent.  Rasmussen’s polls on this race in June and in February got much the same break-down.

Eric Woolson, a spokesman for Grassley, issued a written statement:

We never rely on the results of a single poll but this one certainly reflects previous credible polls. It’s another indication that Iowans value Chuck Grassley’s work to control government spending and provide a check and balance against Washington liberals who want to expand government’s reach into every aspect of the private sector and individuals’ lives.  They know he’s one of us and in touch with where Iowans are coming from. They also recognize Roxanne Conlin’s hypocrisy when she talks against tax breaks for the wealthy but personally benefits from tens of millions of dollars in tax giveaways. They know that Roxanne Conlin would be a rubber stamp for the Pelosi-Reid agenda of more spending and even bigger government.

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