Conlin, IDP weigh in on Kagan confirmation

Roxanne Conlin, the Des Moines attorney who is challenging Republican Senator Chuck Grassley’s reelection, issued a statement after the U.S. Senate confirmed the newest justice for the U.S. Supreme Court on a 63-37 vote.

(DES MOINES)–Today Senator Charles Grassley voted against the confirmation of Elena Kagan to the United States Supreme Court, below is a statement from Democratic candidate Roxanne Conlin;
“Senator Grassley’s vote against Elena Kagan is proof that Washington is broken, and any bipartisanship in the Senate is on the verge of extinction.  Senator Grassley has chosen to vote against two talented, qualified women nominated to the Supreme Court, by a Democratic president, after decades of support for past nominations. This is an incredibly dangerous and disturbing precedent.  Voting on a Supreme Court nominee is a serious responsibility and Iowans deserve much better than childish, partisan games.”

The Iowa Democratic Party’s chair issued a statement, too.

DES MOINES – Iowa Democratic Party Chair Sue Dvorsky today congratulated Solicitor General Elena Kagan on her confirmation to the United States Supreme Court:

“I know I join many Iowans in congratulating Elena Kagan on her confirmation to the Supreme Court, she will be a great asset as she upholds the constitutional promise of equal justice under the law. Her forthrightness with Senators from both parties and her informed and intelligent answers to the toughest legal questions facing our nation is proof that she will be a strong and fair voice. Kagan’s professional career and dedication to public service will serve her well as she takes her seat on the bench.

“While I am glad to see bipartisan support for her nomination it is troubling that Senator Grassley chose to stand in opposition, guided by nothing more than blind partisanship. His vote is unsurprising given his recent opposition to everything except extending tax cuts for the rich.”

Kagan was confirmed Thursday with a vote of 63-37. Iowa Democratic Senator Tom Harkin voted in favor, while Republican Senator Chuck Grassley voted against. Earlier this week Grassley revealed just how partisan he has become by saying, “We should be cautious in deferring to President Obama’s choices for the judicial bench.”

Read Grassley’s floor statement on the subject.

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