Funk for Supervisor

Dave Funk got 22 percent of the votes cast in the June Primary and finished third in the seven-person race for the Republican Party’s nomination in Iowa’s third congressional district.  Funk, who got the support of many “Tea Party” activists, is officially a candidate for Polk County Supervisor this morning.

Funk endorsed both Brad Zaun, the winner of the third district GOP primary, and Terry Branstad, the winner of the GOP’s gubernatorial nomination.  This morning Funk held a news conference in Des Moines where he was joined by Branstad’s running mate Kim Reynolds, the GOP’s lieutenant governor nominee, as well as Iowa GOP chairman Matt Strawn. Funk formally announced his candidacy for supervisor.

A special Polk County Republican Convention was held Tuesday evening and Funk was nominated to run in the third district — the Polk County Board of Supervisors’ third district.  He’ll face incumbent Democrat Tom Hockensmith in November. Democrats have held a majority of seats on the Polk County Board of Supervisors for over six decades.  If Funk wins, it would tip the balance.

The website for Funk’s congressional campaign is still up, with a thank you note to his supporters on the home page.  (A previous version of this post had incorrect timing on the special nominating convention.)  Here’s Funk’s new campaign website.

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