Jeb says: “I am not running”

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was a keynoter at the National Conference of State Legislatures 2010 convention.  During an interview with a Louisville, Kentucky TV station, Bush said he is not running in 2012.

The reporter first asked about Rand Paul, the Republican candidate for Kentucky’s U.S. Senate seat, then he followed up with this: “And when do you announce your plans or when will you decide your plans for president?”

Bush was brief.  “My plans are to give as best a speech, muddle through my speech here about education reform and then go back to work,” Bush told the reporter, then he started walking away.  “I’m not running for president.”

The reporter followed up with a question about education and Bush stopped, faced the camera again, and saluted the Obama Administration for being a “federal partner” to states on the issue.  “This is one place where I think President Obama deserves some credit,” Bush said. “He’s challenging the states to be open-minded about teacher effectiveness, about accountability, about really focusing on the kids that have been lagging behind and I give him credit for that.”

Bush walked away, toward a woman he recognized (likely someone, a Democratic legislator from Florida perhaps, who would be introducing him to the NCSL meeting).

“Did you hear me say something nice about your president?” Bush asked the woman, throwing his arm around her shoulders as the two walked away from the camera.

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.