Some “big mo” for Iowa GOP

Secretary of State Michael Mauro held a news conference at the statehouse earlier today (read about it/listen to it here) to announce the ranks of Republican voters swelled by about 47,000 as a result of the June Primary action in Iowa.  About 10,000 of those newly-registered Republicans had been Democrats.  Democrats had held a roughly 100,000-voter registration edge.  That’s been cut in half.

Read the SOS news release and a statement from Iowa GOP below.

Primary Election Impacts Voter Registration Landscape

DES MOINES – Secretary of State Michael A. Mauro’s office today released updated voter registration totals. The numbers published today are the first since last month’s Primary Election.

As of today, voter registration figures are as follows (please note these totals include both active and inactive voters):

•         Total Registered Voters:  2,095,890

•         Democrats:  699,972

•         Republicans:  644,838

•         No Party:  749,441

•         Other:  1,639

The following table outlines how those numbers compare to June 1, 2010 just before the Primary Election. 

Date      Democrat   Republican  No Party  Other  Total
6.1.10     710,017       607,567    772,725    1,703  2,092,012 
7.110     699,972       644,838     749,441     1,639  2,095,890
Change  -10,045         37,271      -23,284          -64           3,878

A breakdown of voter registration numbers by county and by Congressional, state house and state senate districts can be found by visiting

“Historically, competitive primaries help drive registration numbers and that was again the case this year,” Secretary Mauro said. “The June Primary Election, particularly with the many hard fought races on the Republican ballot, clearly had an impact on the political landscape here in the state.” 

There have been similar trends in voter registration over the past eight years. 

2006 Primary Election:
In 2006, there was a competitive primary on the Democratic ballot for Governor. Over the first six months of that year, there was a 24,489 registration swing to the Democratic Party. 

In January 2006, Republicans held a 5,912 voter registration advantage over Democrats. In July 2006 shortly after the primary, Democrats held an 18,577 voter registration advantage over Republicans.

2002 Primary Election:
In 2002, there were competitive primaries on the Republican ballot for both Governor and U.S. Senate. Over the first six months of that year, there was a 20,024 registration swing to the Republican Party.  

In January 2002, Republicans held a 22,354 voter registration advantage over Democrats.  In July 2002 shortly after the primary, Republicans held a 42,378 voter registration advantage over Democrats.

“At the end of the day, it’s clear that Iowans continue to be engaged in the political process,” Secretary Mauro said. “Our voter registration numbers remain strong and that’s one of the many reasons why our voter turnout is well above the national average.” 

For more information on the upcoming General Election, visit

Huge Swing in Voter Registration to Iowa GOP
Cuts Dem Edge in Half in 2010
DES MOINES – Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Matt Strawn today said the latest voter registration numbers reveal that Iowans are connecting with the Party’s principled solutions and lay the groundwork for widespread Republican victories this November. Since January 2010, Republicans have cut the Democrats’ voter registration lead by half. In January, Republicans trailed Democrats in voter registration by nearly 113,000. Today, the difference is just over 55,000 registered voters. Meanwhile, the number of registered Democrats is down by almost 23,000 and the number of registered Independents is down by 29,000 in the same time period.
“The new registration numbers are more evidence that Iowans are rejecting the failed leadership of Chet Culver and majority Democrats, while embracing Republican candidates who have principled solutions for the challenges facing our state. More and more Iowans continue to identify with our Republican leaders who will spur job growth in the private sector, reign in out-of-control state spending, and restore open and honest government in Iowa. We look forward to Independent voters and disaffected Democrats joining these new Republican voters in supporting a new Republican Governor and majority this November.”
Following today’s announcement by the Secretary of State, active Iowa political party registration is 661,115 for Democrats, 615,011 for Republicans and 683,817 voters with No Party affiliation.

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  1. After a high turnout primary so bitter that, a month later, the number two guy not only hasn’t endorsed the winner but is still threatening to run third party, they’re bragging about their registration numbers? That’s like the lawyer who has to defend the guy who murdered his parents, and pleads for mercy from the jury because his client is an orphan.


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