Trooper cleared in review of traffic stop involving governor

Explaining the headline:  the governor wasn’t pulled over.  Last Sunday the governor and his son were riding in an SUV driven by a state trooper when the SUV went on pursuit of another vehicle that the trooper says cut him off in traffic and was driving erratically.  The driver of the other car says the trooper was the aggressor and cut him off.  The driver said he feared the guy (who we now know was a trooper) driving the dark SUV had a gun and that’s why he didn’t pull over.  The driver eventually pulled over when he saw West Des Moines cops join the chase. 

The only thing the two sides have agreed on in public accounts is this:  the passenger in the car — the woman who was the wife of the car’s driver and the mother of the kids in the back seat — made an obscene gesture (ok, flipped off) the trooper.

The following statement was released by the Iowa Department of Public Safety at 5:11 p.m. on a Friday:

Des Moines, Iowa — The Iowa Department of Public Safety – Professional Standards Bureau’s investigation into the alleged rule violations brought forth by a citizen against Trooper Michael Clyde is complete. 

The findings of the investigation determined that no departmental policies were violated during the course of this traffic stop. 

Iowa State Patrol Chief, Colonel Patrick Hoye added, “The Iowa State Patrol takes the security of the Governor and the First Family very seriously.  This incident provides us with an opportunity to evaluate procedures that relate to the Executive Protection Unit.”

The following was released by Culver’s staff at 5:21 p.m. on a Friday: 

DES MOINES – The Governor’s Office issued the following statement concerning the Department of Public Safety’s findings in the investigation of a traffic stop made by a state trooper who is part of the Executive Protection Unit:

The governor joins with others who appreciate the conscientious and effective work of Iowa’s law enforcement personnel who, every day, make difficult decisions in an effort to make our roads and our state a safer, better place. The governor is happy that this incident has been reviewed and resolved, and believes this concludes the matter.

In case you’re just tuning in, here’s more background.

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