Six-pack fundraiser

The headline may be misleading.  This is not about beer. “The six-pack” was the nickname given to a group of Democrats in the Iowa House who did not vote for a piece of labor-backed legislation, dooming the bill with only 50 “yes” votes on the board.

The Iowa Association of Business and Industry’s Political Action Committee is holding a campaign fundraiser tonight (Wednesday, May 19) in Des Moines for the group of “pro-business” Democrats.  State Representatives McKinley Bailey, Geri Huser, Doris Kelley, Larry Marek and Brian Quirk will be there (and their campaign coffers will get the money raised).  The sixth member of the pack, Representative Dolores Mertz, is retiring and not seeking reelection. She’s to be the “special guest” of the evening.

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.