Steve King in NH

You may have heard the delegates at the Republican Party of Iowa’s fifth district convention passed a resolution urging Congressman Steve King (R-Kiron, Iowa) to run for president in 2012.   In a move that could fuel that kind of speculation, King campaigned in New Hampshire over the weekend for a Republican candidate for congress.  Here’s an interview King did with GraniteGrok.  The Concord Monitor did an interview, too — no reference to presidential aspirations. Here are his tweets:

Strongest message from my day in New Hampshire was a lady who sparked a standing ovation by speaking only 5 words. “I want my country back.”  4:20 AM May 9th via OpenBeak

Just finished full day campaining for Jennifer Horn. Manchester, Concord, Nashua, Keene. Immigration, Obamacare, stop spending top topics.  6:12 PM May 8th via OpenBeak

Just landed at Manchester, NH. 6:13 AM May 8th via OpenBeak

King talked about the DraftKing movement during an interview with Radio Iowa on April 11, 2010.

…”I want to serve my country in the most effective way I can and I don’t know how that is…Whatever’s in store for me I want to be as effective as I can be. I want to be as clear a voice as I can be. I know presidential candidates will come to Iowa. Actually, I’m a person that can come to Iowa without starting rumors. I just happened to think of that while you were asking the question,” King said and Bachmann, who was standing beside King, laughed.  “But I know they’re going to come here and they’ll continue to come here and I want to sit down with them. I want to have those conversations. I want provide for them, as much as I can, access to Iowans – Iowa Caucus-goers — and engage in this debate and we’ll see.”

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