Branstad-Culver match-up tightens

We still don’t have a media poll of the GOP primary for governor, but KCCI this evening released polling on general election match-ups against Democrat Chet Culver, the first-term governor who is seeking reelection in the fall.  Former Governor Terry Branstad, a Republican who has returned to seek a fifth term, was the choice of 48 percent of the 600 people who were surveyed this week while Culver was the choice of 41 percent.  That’s significantly different from a KCCI poll conducted in February which found Culver 16 points behind if the election had been held eight months early.  The poll had a four percent margin of error.

There’s a nice graph at the bottom of the KCCI story which shows party loyalty splits.  It shows Democrats may be “going home” to Culver (he gained 6 percent among Democrats comparing February & May poll results), and Branstad’s support among Independents has slipped to 51 percent from 60 percent in the February poll.

KCCI also polled a potential Grassley/Conlin general election match-up.   Grassley was just below 50 percent, with Conlin only nine points behind.  (Margin of error four percent.)

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


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