Deja Avenson? Branstad gets another stent

Former Governor Terry Branstad, a 2010 candidate for a fifth term, had a “heart procedure” today according to his campaign staff.  UPDATE:  Here’s the Radio Iowa story, with quotes from Branstad campaign manager Jeff Boeyink.  Here’s the campaign news release:

URBANDALE, Iowa) – Former Gov. Terry Branstad today underwent an elective heart procedure at Iowa Methodist Hospital in Des Moines.

“In the interest of openness and full disclosure, we are releasing this information to the press and public,” said campaign manager Jeff Boeyink.

The following is a statement from Dr. Michael Fraizer, Interventional Cardiologist, Iowa Heart Center:

“Today former Governor Terry Branstad had an elective heart procedure.  This demonstrated a partially blocked artery that was treated with the placement of a stent.   This routine procedure was a success, resulting in improved blood flow to the front of the heart and I expect Mr. Branstad to experience a full recovery.

“This was not a heart attack.  Rather, a stress test at Governor Branstad’s regularly scheduled cardiology follow up appointment suggested a need for further evaluation.

“Governor Branstad should be able to resume his normal campaign schedule within the next few days and should quickly return to his normal lifestyle without limitations. 

“He should be fully capable of performing the activities of a candidate and a Governor.”

Branstad had a heart attack in December of 2000 (click on that link and have the fun experience of reading a quote from “Branstad spokesman Eric Woolson” who is now Bob Vander Plaats’ 2010 campaign manager).  Don Avenson, a 1990 candidate for governor, had angioplasty (the balloon procedure) right BEFORE the Democratic primary, which he won.  Branstad then beat Avenson in the 1990 general election.

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  1. bluefish says

    At 63 years old, he should be resting and enjoying more time with his family. I think this may be a sign that he should not be running for Governor again. There are two other candidates, I think Terry should drop out and endorse one of them.