The non-answer answers

Read some of what former Iowa Association of School Boards executive director Maxine Kilcrease told the Legislature’s Government Oversight Committee this morning.

Here’s a brief overview:  Kilcrease’s attorney says she was owed that extra $150,000; Kilcrease told legislators she can’t say whether the signatures on the contract outlining her salary boost are “true and correct” nor can she say whether she was there when the contract was signed; she can’t say whether she ever worked at a non-profit group before she was hired by the IASB.

Kilcrease’s attorney read an opening statement in which he alleged the IASB was “disorganized and financially-strapped” when Kilcrease arrived on July 1, 2009.  Kilcrease was asked directly by lawmakers on the commtitee to provide details to back up that claim.  Kilcrease pleaded the fifth on several occasions and said she had no access to documents she had to leave behind at IASB. 

Kilcrease told the committee the auditor who said earlier this year that she had blocked his access to the group’s board of directors had engaged in “mischaracterization of the facts.”  

Kilcrease was asked what she did at the IASB. Kilcrease declined to offer any explanation, suggesting that delved into “confidential” matters. 

Kilcrease and her attorney walked away from the committee table at about a quarter ’til noon.  As they walked, a reporter asked: Do you think the proceedings have been fair so far?

“We don’t have any comment,” Kilcrease’s attorney, Sean Spellman said. ” Thank you for asking, though.”  The two walked into an elevator and the doors closed.

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.