Branstad on “Iowa Press”

Former Governor Terry Branstad, a 2010 Republican candidate who is seeking a fifth term as governor, is the guest on this weekend’s edition of “Iowa Press” on IPTV.  (That’s a link to the general show website; the video from this morning’s taping has not yet been posted.)  UPDATEHere is a link to the Branstad show.

After the program, Branstad expanded on something he said during the taping — that current Governor Chet Culver (a Democrat) is improperly interfering with state regulatory agencies.  Branstad cites three instances.  Read about it here.

The Des Moines Register’s Kathie Obradovich tweeted during the show’s taping.  Charlotte Eby of The Lee Enterprises Newspapers tweeted during the show’s taping, too

I was on the set, asking questions.  I asked Branstad why he needed a fifth term as governor; whether it was a good idea in an anti-incumbent year for Iowa Republicans to have Terry Branstad and Chuck Grassley at the top of the ticket and whether he thinks gambling is economic development.  I also asked about his health care reform tour of the state with former G0vernor Tom Vilsack and about accusations from former State Auditor Richard Johnson (a Republican) that Branstad was a profligate spender as governor.  Iowa Press moderator Dean Borg and Mike Glover of the Associated Press asked questions as well — listen/watch tonight for their questions and Branstad’s answers.

Also today, Branstad announced he’ll host a statewide “Iowa Vision 2020” Summit on May 15.

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