The Final Countdown

Dean Fiihr of the Iowa House Speaker’s office sent out an email this morning advising statehouse reporters of a news conference.  The news conference featured the top two Democrats in the Iowa House and the top two Democrats in the Iowa Senate.  The subject line of the email read, in part, “The Final Countdown – End of Session.”

Mr. Fiihr helpfully provided a link to a YouTube video of the band Europe and their video of the song “The Final Countdown.”  The lyrics are about a trip to Venus and I think when the group sings “We’ll miss her” they are talking about Mother Earth — but maybe not. 

At this point, I wonder how many lawmakers and staff would sing about missing the legislature.  If you’ve been keeping track at home, legislators had hoped to adjourn the 2010 session last Thursday, then the plan was to complete their work on Friday.  That didn’t work out, so lawmakers came back Saturday and worked ’til 9 p.m. without concluding the 2010 session.  Monday didn’t turn out to be the final day either.  Today, however, just might.

Representative Tom Schueller, a Democrat from Maquoketa, delivered the prayer in the House this morning and he appealed for divine intervention.  “Heavenly father, look upon each and every one of us as we begin — hopefully — our last day of session,” Schueller prayed.  He put special emphasis on the word “hopefully.”

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.