GOP to hold state convention in DSM

The Republican Party of Iowa has announced it will hold its state convention in Des Moines this summer.   The GOP decided not to go to Cedar Rapids, a community which could use a few conventions to boost the local economy.  Sioux City was also a finalist, but it’s the home of one of the GOP gubernatorial candidates and it is in the fifth congressional district.  With potential for district conventions to determine GOP nominees in the third and second congressional districts, a more central location made sense to GOP leaders apparently.

Read the party’s announcement below:

DES MOINES – The Republican Party of Iowa tonight selected Des Moines to host the 2010 Iowa GOP State Convention, which will be held Saturday, June 26 at the Iowa Events Center.
The 17-member Iowa Republican State Central Committee formally approved the selection of Des Moines this evening.  Sioux City and Cedar Rapids were also finalists.
“All three cities would make great locations for our state convention.  Unfortunately, we can only choose one city,” said Iowa GOP Chairman Matt Strawn.  “I want to thank the leaders of Sioux City and Cedar Rapids for enthusiastically inviting us to their communities. Each community had strong advocates on the Committee, but a clear majority favored our centrally-located Capital city.”
Strawn noted that he was pleased by the competitive and open selection process.  “Ours is not a top-down party and this decision has been guided by Republicans all across Iowa,” he said. “There is little doubt that this convention-selection process has generated more attention and input from Republican activists across the state than at any time in recent history.  This decision is reflective of the will of Republicans statewide.”
The 2010 Iowa GOP State Convention will feature 2,000 delegates and more than 1,000 alternate delegates from around the state who will meet in Des Moines to finalize the Republican Party of Iowa Platform and conduct other party business.
Prior to the State Convention, delegates will attend conventions in each of Iowa’s five congressional districts. Districts two, three and five will meet Saturday, April 24. Districts one and four will meet Saturday, May 1. Times and locations can be found on the Iowa GOP’s website. 

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