Romney in Iowa

romney-iowa-booksigningFormer Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is back in Iowa today for two public events.  He gave a brief speech in the downtown Des Moines Library over the noon-hour and then signed copies of his new book.  AUDIO: Listen to his remarks here.  Romney’s scheduled to deliver a leture at Iowa State University this evening.

During the event at the downtown Des Moines Public Library, Romney joked about being recognized in Iowa, took a swipe at Al Gore over global warming and launched into a brief overview of the book.  Romney made no mention about a running for president in 2012, although he did mention that he met with former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad this morning.  Branstad, as you may know, is seeking a fifth term as governor this year.  During his fourth term as governor, Branstad endorsed Bob Dole’s 1996 candidacy.  Branstad did not endorse Dole or any of the GOP presidential candidates in 1988, however.

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.