The “prudent prance” toward adjournment

It’s nearing the halfway point on this Saturday afternoon.  For those of you who are wondering whether the 2010 Iowa legislative session will conclude today, that appears unlikely. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (D-Des Moines) briefed reporters:

“We can get our work done with the bills remaining and the time of debate — that’s very clear — but it’s the waiting for the behind-the-scenes process of legislation being built up, to be prepared with the L.S.A. and the Fiscal Bureau, that may delay our opportunity to get out today.

“Now, having said that, keep in mind the big picture. The 80th day of the legislative session is Wednesday of next week.  We laid out a calendar to try to get us out yesterday, the 26th, knowing that unless you set that aggressive time schedule, you never make it by your appointed date. We’re doing very well.  I think anybody reasonable looking at our time schedule here (would say) we’re doing the best we can given the enormity of the behind-the-scenes process.”

Will legislators debate/work ’til midnight tonight?

McCarthy: “I don’t think so.”

Are there major sticking points that stand in the way of adjournment?

McCarthy: “I think right now it’s a matter of process.”

House pages decorate cardboard boxes for legislators, boxes used to cart everything out of lawmakers’ desks once the legislature adjourns for the year.

House pages decorate boxes for legislators, to cart everything from their desk following adjournment.

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