Narcisse NOT running against Culver in primary

Former Des Moines School Board member Jonathan Narcisse held a news conferece on Saturday, February 27, 2010 to formally kick off his campaign for governor, telling reporters he would run as a Democrat against Chet Culver in the June primary, and then run in the General Election as an independent. 

During that news conference, I asked Narcisse if he had the number of signatures necessary to run in the Democratic primary. 

“I know we have the number of counties we need,” Narcisse replied. “I don’t know the status of the signatures.  One of the things that I made a commitment to was competent, professional management. The truth is I have a southeast Iowa coordinator. I have folks in Davenport, Waterloo and other places and since the filing deadline isn’t ’til March 19 what we’ll do, the Polk County Democratic convention is, I believe, March 13, and we’ll collect signatures through then and then on the 15th of March look to turn in our petitions so at that point I’ll know, but there are just certain things that I trust my campaign leadership to handle and I don’t need to be in the minutia.”

(If you want to listen to Narcisse say what’s transcribed above, it’s at the 17 minute mark of the mp3 that’s posted at the bottom of this Radio Iowa story.)

Yesterday, Narcisse told The Des MoinesRegister he’s not running as a Democrat.  He still plans to run as an independent in the General Election. He also issued a news release on the subject, which you may read at the link above because the Narcisse campaign has not emailed the release to Radio Iowa.

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