Another word for peeved

Maybe it was cathartic.  Members of the Legislative Oversight Commtitee convened late this afternoon to hear testimony from a lawyer and a CPA who’ve been trying to unravel the Iowa Association of School Board’s financial records.  A few legislators on the committee used the event to spout off about the situation. 

The CPA warned legislators the IASB is in danger of losing its tax-exempt status.  The lawyer said an FBI agent had contacted his law firm about the case, although there is no confirmation that a federal investigation is underway.   Read details of today’s event here.  In that story you’ll read about the word Senator Rich Olive used during the meeting.  It means peeved and it rhymes with missed.  Senator Tom Courtney vented a bit, too, going so far as to suggest the Iowa Association of School Boards executive director who’s been placed on paid administrative leave should quit getting her pay.  Courtney referred to her as a “common criminal.”  He also suggested he was waiting for the ghost of Archie Brooks to appear in the room, a reference to the CIETC scandal that sort of played out in the same legislative hearing room, before the same committee a few years ago.

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.