Gingrich in the mix

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich will be making a trek to Iowa soon to headline a party banquet/fundraiser.  See the details below in a release that gets to Gingrich in the third paragraph.

Des Moines, Iowa – March 4, 2010 – The Polk County Republican Party and the Robb Kelley Victory Club are pleased to announce the first annual Robb Kelley Victory Club Dinner.  The dinner is an opportunity to honor the work of the late Robb Kelley, who was a former Chairman and CEO of EMC Insurance and an active supporter of Republican politics in Polk County and the state of Iowa. 

The dinner will be held on the evening of May 26th, with a Host Reception at 6:00 and General Reception and Dinner at 7:00 .  The location will be announced soon, but will be held in the Des Moines Metro area.  Tickets will be $75 apiece, with half tables of 5 and full tables of 10 providing special amenities to the table sponsors. Members of the Robb Kelley Victory Club will receive complementary ticketing and amenities based on their level of Club support.

We are also pleased to announce that Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, will be the Guest Speaker at the Robb Kelley Victory Club Dinner.  Gingrich was a US Representative from Georgia for 20 years, and was Speaker of the House for the last 6 years of his time in office.  Gingrich has founded and is working with several conservative organizations include “American Solutions for Winning the Future” and “The Center for Health Transformation”.

“This will be a tremendous opportunity for Republicans to remember the great example set by Robb Kelley, whose commitment to community action in Central Iowa lives on through his family today,” said John Bloom, Polk County Republican Party Chairman.  “It is doubly exciting that we can honor Robb’s legacy by having such a dominant figure in Conservative Politics as Newt Gingrich join us in this celebration!”

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. Dr. Alan Phillips says

    Candidates coming to Iowa in hopes of igniting potential voter interest in their campaigns must be totally transparent and credible. Positions on issues that matter to Iowans are extremely important. It simply isn’t possible any longer, for a candidate to accommodate all political persuasions in D.C.

    Debating Howard Dean on healthcare reform for publicity, enjoying a relationship with administration staffers, having ongoing ties with liberals (Dede Scozzafava) at a time when we are experiencing little if any interest in bi-partisanship by an administration lacking interest in conservative opinions of the American people is not an asset. Shutting down the federal government as an option to make a personal point, or writing a contract for America, may have once had strong personal motives, yet actions today speak much louder that symbols.

    The winner of the 2012 Iowa caucuses will be the person who did much more than drop in and out of the state at their convenience. That individual will spend time with the Iowa voters and seriously listen to their suggestions. Frankly, anyone desiring to take a listening approach to Iowans is certainly welcome. Iowans will give most any person a chance to be heard. After Iowa voters have heard the various contenders, they will then select their candidate. Imaging, ghost written books, county event speaking opportunities, are fine, yet meaningful hours spent seriously listening to Iowans is extremely important. Candidates seeking answers to rebuild the nation, produce jobs and secure a new vision may not currently have all the answers, but visits to Iowa which seek the suggestions of caucus voters will soon identify the solutions. American solutions is an ambigous phrase at best, yet since Iowa is a minicasm of America, I far prefer Iowa solutions to the nation’s ills.

    Dr. Alan G. Phillips