Praise for the snow movers

The Iowa House passed a resolution today which honors our “first line of defense” when snow falls in Iowa — the men and women who’ve worked to clear Iowa highways, roads and streets this winter.  Read the resolution below.  The House is speaking on behalf of all Iowans who traverse the “intricate system of road networks” — a.k.a. the roads.

A Resolution to honor state, county, and city road workers for their diligent work in clearing snow and ice from Iowa’s vital road network.

WHEREAS, Iowa’s geography gives us a variety of weather conditions from extreme heat and cold to tornadoes and snowfall, with winds that blow strong and steady across the state; and state, county, and city road workers meet every challenge; and

WHEREAS, the winter of 2009=2010 is one of the coldest and snowiest in the state’s history, threatening the lives of Iowa citizens and the commerce of the state; and

WHEREAS, Iowa’s intricate system of road networks, developed over decades, quickly becomes treacherous in winter weather; and

WHEREAS, Iowa’s state, county, and city road workers provide our first line of defense in keeping these vital roadways open; and

WHEREAS, without regard to blizzard conditions and bitter cold, road maintenance crews routinely work around the clock to clear the commercial and residential road networks and make them safe for vehicular travel and commercial transportation;

NOW  THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, That, on behalf of all Iowans, the House of Representatives thanks those state, county, and city road workers who have spent thousands of hours in bitter cold and treacherous snow making Iowa’s roadways safe.

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.