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Screen shot 2010-02-09 at Tue, Feb 9, 6.50.02 AMA Republican candidate announced late this morning she is in the “exploratory” phase of a campaign for the statewide post of state attorney general.  Brenna Findley, a Republican who grew up near Dexter, has worked on Iowa Congressman Steve King’s staff since 2003.  It’s not clear from the campaign news release (which you can read below) what her home address is.

Attorney General Tom Miller, a Democrat, is expected to announce he intends to seek reelection in 2010, to a seventh term in office.  Miller was first elected attorney general in 1978.  He ran for governor in 1990 rather than seek reelection, but Miller lost in a Democratic primary to eventual Iowa Democratic Party gubernatorial nominee Don Avenson (who lost to Terry Branstad).  Miller worked in private practice for a few years, then sought reelection as attorney general in 1994 and has been in office ever since.   Miller was born in August of 1944, which means he’s 65 (information you may need as a reference in the copy below.)

(There’s an interesting side note at the bottom of this post, below the campaign news release.)

Read Findley’s press release below.

Brenna Findley Announces Attorney General Campaign

DEXTER – Brenna Findley, an attorney from Dexter, launched her campaign for Iowa Attorney General today by filing the statement of organization for her exploratory campaign committee, Findley for Iowa.  Findley is running an innovative, grassroots campaign and promises to be an energetic and accessible legal watchdog who stands up for Iowans and our Constitution.

Raised on a farm near Dexter in southwest Dallas County, Findley, 33, attended Drake University in Des Moines and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History and minor in Russian with honors. After Drake, Findley attended the University of Chicago Law School. While at the University of Chicago, she served as Symposium Editor of The University of Chicago Law School Roundtable, a law journal, and worked for small business clients in the Institute for Justice Clinic on Entrepreneurship to help entrepreneurs start their own businesses. Upon graduation from law school, she worked in private practice.

“Iowa needs an Attorney General who is a strong advocate for Iowa’s economy and understands what it takes to create private sector jobs in every community and in every county,” said Findley. “My background and experience have given me the understanding about what it takes to ensure Iowa is a family friendly state where jobs, opportunity and prosperity can thrive in every community.  Small business is the engine for job growth– my office will be small business friendly,” she added.

Besides her work in private practice, Findley has served as Chief of Staff and senior Judiciary Committee staff member to Iowa Congressman Steve King (R-Kiron) since 2003. In her work with the Judiciary Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives, she has dealt with and gained significant expertise on many of the most pressing legal issues of the day. As Chief of Staff to Congressman King, Findley serves 32 counties in western Iowa, managing six offices and staff.

Findley’s extensive education, experience, and understanding of the important legal issues facing Iowa are an asset. Her deep knowledge of Iowa politics and her proven track record as a successful manager and private practice attorney make her a strong choice to be Iowa’s next attorney general. Besides focusing on jobs, Findley says she will campaign on the need for Iowans to have a legal watchdog to hold state government accountable and enforce Iowa’s laws and the principles in our Constitution.

“I will bring the work ethic I learned working on our farm in Dexter to the Attorney General’s office.  The office has been under one-party control since 1978.  I want to serve as your legal watchdog and bring openness, accountability and transparency to our state government,” said Findley.

Current Attorney General Tom Miller has served for parts of four decades and Findley believes Iowans are looking for a fresh perspective. Findley will be an Attorney General who is accessible, a good listener, hardworking, energetic and willing to hear from Iowans throughout the state. A conservative Republican, Findley says she offers a strong contrast with Miller and the current status quo and looks forward to traveling the state.

“Tom Miller has spanned four decades in the job and I think Iowans are ready for a new direction and a fresh perspective,” said Findley. “I look forward to hearing from Iowans and bringing our positive vision for the future of Iowa,” she concluded.

To learn more about Brenna and her positive vision for Iowa, go to

UPDATE:  I asked Findley, via email, if she had taken a class from then-University of Chicago professor Barack Obama.  “I didn’t.  We were both at Chicago at the same time.  He only taught one class a quarter.  I did talk to him, though. Chicago is a relatively small law school.”

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