Kim Lehman leaves IRTL post

Republican National Committeewoman Kim Lehman is leaving her role as leader of the Iowa Right To Life Committee to work with an Iowa City-based adult stem cell research facility.

Read the announcement below:

Kim Lehman Takes New Position with John Paul II Stem Cell Research Institute
Des Moines, IA–Kim Lehman, President of Iowa Right to Life, is leaving to take a new position with the John Paul II Stem Cell Research Institute in Iowa City
Lehman is transitioning this week to John Paul II Stem Cell Research Institute (JP2SRI) and will be responsible in helping the non-profit fulfill its mission in advancing adult stem cell research while promoting medical ethics in regenerative medicine.  The organization is focused on finding cures to diseases like cancer, diabetes and rare diseases that plague so many people.  
JP2SRI was founded by Dr. Alan Moy and is based in Iowa City.  Dr. Moy is also the CEO of Cellular Engineering Technologies.  “I am excited to have Kim join JP2SRI,” said Dr. Moy.  “Kim brings a passion to the pro-life cause and the talent and skills in creating a successful non-profit organization.”
“It’s a big move,” said Lehman.  “I will dearly miss the staff, all the volunteers and so many people who inspired me along the way with their stories and their efforts on behalf of babies, mothers and families in Iowa.”
Lehman has been the Director of Iowa Right to Life since December 2000.  As director, Lehman was known for building relationships with various pro-life groups around the state, including the pro-life pregnancy centers.  She energized the movement in Iowa with events such as the annual Prayer for Life at the State Capitol, a new training program for Bible Studies for post-abortive men and women and helped the popular 40 Days for Life prayer vigil outside abortion clinics take root in Iowa.
Most notable under Lehman’s time at IRTL, was the creation of Pro-life Book Sale that IRTL hosts twice a year to provide book-lovers with an alternative to Planned Parenthood’s Book Sale and provides needed funds to pregnancy centers across the state.
Lehman energized teens and young adults in the pro-life movement by speaking to and mentoring high school and college pro-life groups.  She capitalized on the momentum of the young in the pro-life movement, with a hip, new website at, which serves as a great resource for pro-lifers across the state.
Well-known for her lobbying efforts in the Iowa Legislature, Lehman fought for pro-life bills which passed both houses only to be vetoed by Governor Vilsack, making elections even more important for Iowa Right to Life.
In commenting about Lehman’s departure, Chairman Bob Dopf said, “Kim’s visionary leadership, commitment and devotion to the cause helped make IRTL one of the most successful Pro-Life organizations in America.”
“I will always be a part of Iowa Right to Life,” said Lehman.  “My move to JP2SRI is an expansion of my work in the pro-life movement.”

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  1. Any word on whether she’s moving here to the People’s Republic?

  2. Good riddance! Finally this tired old bat will stop spouting lies about Planned Parenthood.