Perry may have fueled rift with remarks in Iowa

The Texas Tribune has a story today which advances some theories about the rift between Texas Governor Rick Perry, a Republican, and the folks associated with the Bush family.  Today, “41” (that would be George Herbert Walker Bush) publicly endorsed Kay Bailey Hutchinson, the Republican who is challenging Perry in a primary.

The story includes a reference to Perry’s campaigning in Iowa in 2007 on behalf of Rudy Giuliani, a Republican presidential hopeful at the time.  Here’s a snippet from the story:

Then there was (Perry’s)  2007 appearance at an Iowa house party for Rudy Giuliani. Perry told a living room full of Iowa Republicans that the President (George W. Bush) was “never, ever” a fiscal conservative. “Wasn’t when he was in Texas … I mean, ’95, ’97, ’99, George Bush was spending money.”

He continued: “George was never a fiscal conservative. I think people thought he was.” 

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.