Culver gets involved in eastern Iowa labor dispute

Governor Chet Culver is getting involved in an eastern Iowa labor dispute.  Here’s the news release from the governor’s staff:

Des Moines, IA – In an attempt to break a long-standing labor dispute between Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) and United Food Commercial Workers (UFCW), Governor Chet Culver will invoke a rarely-used gubernatorial power by appointing a board of arbitration and conciliation to investigate and make findings concerning the dispute.

The Governor’s action follows a 15-month lockout of approximately 350 workers at GPC.

In a letter sent to representatives of GPC and UFCW, both entities have three days to nominate five persons who have no direct interest in the outcome of the dispute to the board. The Governor will select one of those persons from each list to serve on the board. If either entity fails to do so, the Governor will appoint a person to serve as that party’s representative on the board. The two appointed board members, in turn, will select a third person to serve on the board. The board will do a thorough investigation, and five days after the investigation’s completion, will submit a public report summarizing their findings and conclusions.

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