Group criticizes Culver for “Transgender Day of Remembrance”

As Radio Iowa reported on December 29, 2009, groups representing the two sides in the debate over gay marriage plan events next week to mark the start of the 2010 Iowa Legislative session.   

Today, the Iowa Family Policy Council — a group which opposes gay marriage — issued a news release criticizing Governor Chet Culver over a proclamation.  The proclamation creating a “Transgender Day of Remembrance” in Iowa on November 20, 2009.  Troy Price, Culver’s press secretary, spoke with the Cedar Rapids Gazette’s Rod Boshart about the proclamation.  The IFPC news release is below.  

Culver Uses The Governor’s Office To Promote Transgender Behavior
1/4/10 Pleasant Hill, IA – The Iowa Family Policy Center ACTION today made available a recently obtained copy of a proclamation signed by Governor Culver declaring November 20th, 2009 a “Transgender Day of Remembrance.”  The document, which was acquired by IFPC Action through a Freedom of Information Act Request, is available for review at
IFPC Action President Chuck Hurley commented on the document by saying, “Governor Culver not only failed to keep his promise to the people of Iowa concerning the defense of marriage, but now is using the power of his office and the dignity of the state of Iowa to promote sexual confusion and deviant behavior.”
While running for office, Governor Culver made a point of reaching out to people of faith, and assured the public of his commitment to protect the legal definition of marriage from the actions of any rogue court. After the Iowa Supreme Court issued their opinion concerning the definition of marriage last April, Culver broke that promise by allowing the court opinion to be treated as if it were law.
Hurley continued, “Iowans know that Governor Culver does not share their values.  As if the Governor’s unwillingness to exercise the influence of his office in the defense of marriage wasn’t evidence enough, we now know that he is spending his time creating special days celebrating sexual disorientation. The question that Iowans ought to be asking is why Governor Culver wasn’t proud enough of his work to make his actions public?”
A search of the Governor’s web page as of 1/4/10 returned no statement and no press release concerning the “Transgender Day of Remembrance” proclamation, and a copy of the signed document was not available for review. Other proclamations are available through the governor’s web page, as are all of the press releases dating back to just two days after his election.
Hurley continued, “Governor Culver needs to understand that Iowans are not impressed by the way he has used his term in office. Standing idly by as marriage, one of the pillars of a healthy society, is under attack, failing to assert the authority of his office to preserve the constitutional separation of powers, all the while spending our state into a fiscal desert that will lead to a heavier tax load is unacceptable.”
Hurley is planning to attend Governor Culver’s 2010 “Condition of the State” speech on January 12.  In conjunction with IFPC Action’s “LUV Iowa” (Let Us Vote) campaign, January 12th will mark the beginning of the “Two Days for Marriage” initiative.  A large crowd is expected to show their support for marriage at the capitol on that day.  Information about LUV Iowa and the “Two Days For Marriage” initiative can be found at 

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