About that speaking fee…

Here’s the latest on the on-going discussion about the Iowa Family Policy Center and Sarah Palin:

10/30/09 Pleasant Hill, IA – Iowa Family Policy Center ACTION received word this morning that Governor Sarah Palin is unable to accept our speaking invitation due to her book tour contractual commitments, which cannot be changed.

We extended our invitation knowing she would be in the middle of her book tour and the chances of her being able to accept any invitations were extremely slim.
She has asked if she could speak at a future mutually agreeable date. She will not accept any fees for her appearance.

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. On Iowa Press you mentioned, half in jest I hope, that there would be drivers who would be glad the patrols on I-80 were diminished because of the across the board cuts. Of course, glee over fast driving isn’t the issue. Many rural communities who depend on the IHP for professional law enforcement when serious incidents arise will be without help. Children won’t be protected because there will be even fewer people to provide the services they need. Families already squeezed supporting their children in higher education will be further strapped. We have succumbed in this state to the idea that low taxes are sacred. Well, now we have a terrible economy so less revenue and a governor who supports the ridiculous notion that Iowa can maintain a decent quality of life and not raise taxes.