Culver to Manly

That’s right.  Culver is going to Manly, Iowa, today.  It’s part of a train ride promoting wind energy.  No, the train doesn’t have a propeller.  Details below.

As you may know, state agency directors have until the close of business today to submit their plans for cutting 10 percent in their agency budgets.  The plans are due in the governor’s office.

Governor Chet Culver won’t be in the office to receive those reports, though.  Culver has started a train ride across central Iowa this afternoon.  From the governor’s public schedule:

WHAT:       Governor Culver’s Iowa Unlimited train tour will travel through north-central Iowa to promote investment in wind energy. Scheduled stops:

12:00 p.m.           Send-off event for Governor Culver’s Iowa Unlimited in Nevada (Community potluck lunch)
                   SCORE Pavilion, 1543 Fawcett Pkwy
                   Nevada, IA
2:30 p.m.   Governor Culver’s Iowa Unlimited stops in Iowa Falls
                   Henderson and West 2nd Street
                   Iowa Falls, IA
4:00 p.m.   Governor Culver’s Iowa Unlimited stops in Mason City
                   17th Street NW and North Quincy Ave
                   Mason City, IA
5:00 p.m.   Governor Culver’s Iowa Unlimited stops in Manly, followed by a tour of the Union Pacific/Iowa Northern Wind Distribution Center
                   Manly Terminal, 1575 380th Street
                   Manly, IA

And the governor’s campaign staff has decided today’s a good day to “relaunch” the Culver/Judge 2010 campaign website. 

Culver-Judge Campaign Re-Launches Website

Des Moines – The Culver/Judge Campaign re-launched this morning. The website will be a hub of online activity along with active participation on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

“Our new website is a great place to learn about the Culver/Judge record and to follow our progress as we get ready for next year’s election,” said Governor Chet Culver. He continued, “We faced tough times with the historic floods and the national economic recession, but I’m proud to say my administration has taken these challenges head on and we are building for a brighter tomorrow. Our campaign will be sharing that directly with voters and our new website will be an important part of that communication.”

This site will allow supporters to organize and continue to build support in their communities for Governor Culver and his initiatives. From fundraising to political organizing, the Culver/Judge Campaign will use this site to build a political organization from the ground up.
“This administration is accountable for managing the state responsibly and efficiently,” said Lieutenant Governor Patty Judge. She continued, “Our new website,, will help the public learn more about what we have been able to accomplish in a relatively short period of time and how we handled the challenges we’ve faced.“

The site will also allow supporters to keep up with the latest news from the campaign, watch videos, view photographs and most importantly connect with the campaign and each other.

“With more and more people getting news and information from the internet, our online campaign will be an important part of our campaign strategy,” said campaign manager Andrew Roos. He continued “It will allow us to deliver our message in new and creative ways directly to voters. That’s a great tool.”

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