Mari Culver & Maria Shriver

The first ladies of Iowa and California have met.  John Culver, Iowa First Lady Mari Culver’s father-in-law, was a close friend of Ted Kennedy, the uncle of California First Lady Maria Shriver.  In 2000, for example, Mari & Chet Culver went to a party Maria Shriver threw when the Democratic National Convention was held in L.A.  Both women have professional careers (Shriver is a TV reporter and Culver is a lawyer).  The two women now have something else in common: they’ve been caught violating a law which their husbands signed into law.

About a year ago, Mari Culver apologized after she was seen smoking in a vehicle that’s leased by the state.  Her husband, Governor Chet Culver, had signed Iowa’s smoking ban into law a few months before.

Now, Maria Shriver — wife of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger — has been caught by celebrity photographers, holding her cell phone to her ear while driving.  Her husband signed a law in 2008 which requires those driving on California roadways to use of “hands-free” devices when talking on their cell phones.

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