More details on 10% cut in legislative branch

The governor’s 10 percent across-the-board cut applies to the executive branch of state government.  There are two other branches, however.  The chief justice of the Iowa Supreme Court, head of the judicial branch, plans a similar 10 percent reduction. Leaders of the legislative branch of state government said last week they’d cut their budget by 10 percent as well.  They’ve just issued details.


Des Moines, Iowa – The Iowa Legislature today announced plans to enact a 10% budget reduction beginning immediately.  When combined with the reductions made in June, the Legislature will spend $6 million less than the year before, from $37.9 million to $31.9 million.

This is a joint statement from Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal, House Speaker Pat Murphy, Senate President John P. “Jack” Kibbie and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy:

“Given the dramatic decline in state revenues and Governor Culver’s 10% across the board cut, the Legislature will reduce spending by 10% just like other areas of state government.  We will do our part to keep the state budget balanced in these tough economic times.”

“In the face of a deepening national recession, legislators are doing their part by cutting their budget.  Republican and Democratic legislators will continue to work hard by listening to their constituents and maintaining the key priorities of our constituents.”

The 10% budget reduction includes:

  • Reduced session from 100 days to 80 days
  • Continue the pay freeze for all legislative employees
  • Six furlough days for all full-time legislative employees
  • Hiring freeze for full-time, permanent employees
  • Reduced hours for session-only staff
  • Reduced constituency allowance for legislators
  • Ban on all out-of-state travel
  • Reduced in-state travel for legislators and staff
  • Eliminated staff positions
  • Reduced printing and no new equipment purchases
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