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Branstad pal Richard Schwarm told The Des Moines Register that paperwork is being filed today, creating an exploratory committee so (boosters of) former Governor Terry Branstad may begin raising money to run for governor.  (UPDATE:  Here’s the Radio Iowa story. Schwarm emailed me the news release at 9:53 a.m. Read it far below.)

The timing of today’s announcement is weird.  You would think on a day when more bad news will be heaped on the desk of the current Democratic governor, Chet Culver, that Republican candidates of the already-announced to the not-quite-announced variety would let that be the political news of the day rather than try to compete with it.

Sandra (Sandy) Greiner, the former state legislator who has been heading up the “Draft Branstad” PAC issued a statement at 7:19 a.m. today.  No one is answering the phone at the “Draft Branstad” headquarters in Des Moines.  A message left on the machine there has not been returned.  Greiner called me back at 10:25. Read Greiner’s written statement below.

Des Moines, Iowa — Today, Governor Terry Branstad filed papers to form an exploratory committee, the next step in weighing a run for governor of Iowa in 2010.

“Today is a great day for future generations of Iowans as Governor Branstad takes the next step toward deciding to run for Governor of Iowa. Since I began this effort several weeks ago, I have heard from people all across this state who want real, experienced leadership during these tough economic times and like me, they believe Governor Branstad is the best person for this job,” said Sandy Greiner.

Greiner continued, “Iowans have spoken, and Governor Branstad has listened. The Draft Branstad campaign generated support from Iowans young and old, who are looking to the future of Iowa and I am pleased to say your work has payed off as Governor Branstad takes the next step to run for governor. However, it is not time to stop recruiting. It is time to speak louder and recruit harder.”

Draft Branstad PAC will continue its effort to recruit Gov. Branstad to run for Governor of Iowa in 2010 with a petition, social networking efforts and a Young Iowans for Drafting Branstad event this week. Information for all of these can be found at

UPDATE:  Here’s the news release on the Branstad Committee.  (Here are the documents which Schwarm filed electronically.)

Terry Branstad 2010 Exploratory Committee Is Formed 

Richard Schwarm, long time friend of Terry Branstad, announced that an exploratory Campaign Committee has been formed on Terry Branstad’s behalf.  The purpose of the Committee is to continue to explore the availability of support and resources for a possible Branstad candidacy for Governor in 2010.   Mary Vermeer Andringa, President and Chief Executive Officer of Vermeer Corporation, Pella, Iowa, is the Committee Chair.
 Schwarm stated, “Iowa campaign law requires the formation of an initial Statement of Organization to be filed within 10 days of a committee’s incurring indebtedness exceeding $750.00.  That threshold has now been reached and the Statement of Organization has been filed with the Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board today.” 

 Schwarm also noted, “Terry Branstad has not made a decision on what he will do.   He remains focused on his responsibilities as President of Des Moines University.”


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